All  designs are copyright  protected by Anna&Walter J. Liss

Cameo originate century ego by the time of Roman Empire. The purpose was to memorize the loved one image or to memorize the emperors, the worriers heroes. The first cameo was actually a profile off a emperor, worrier man not a profile of women face, like we all know today. Cameos become fashionably and very popular by 19 century and today the typical is made from plastic manufactured and multiply by millions, the expensive one are laser cut computer design set in gold or silver frames. I have been seen that work and it's amazing precision and beauty but is that "real cameo "I would ask ?
I hand sculpture my cameos from Polymer Clay using dentist tools there is no mold there no two the same There are one of a kind unique pieces. I can also recreate similar cameo face of your loved one from the photo.
Please contact me before your order and please consider it;s all really hand made process so it never will be exactly the same as on the picture
New piece 2019 " Bonny"
hand sculptured large polymer clay cameo set in Victorian style vintage metal frame rwith rottoteling quartz and black onyx large beads app. 20 " long 
Hand sculptured cameo pendant with quartz and onyx
New Piece " Sara "hand made polymer clay camoe set in antique gold frame on 18" antique gold chain 
"Sara" Cameo Pendant with mini qristals
Mediterenian Lady- Large Cameo
New Piece  hend made camoe set in anitique gold cabahone frame with aquamarine beads 18" long 
small cameo pendant with pale blue aquamarine beads
Large Cameo sculpture with Agate beads
Girl Cameo with Mother of pearl beads
Cameo with labradorite semiprecious beads.SOLD
Girl with hat and roses. Sold
If you have picture of your loved one grandmother, mother, grandchild I can transform them to a real cameo for you. There is same sample of my previous work